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This disclaimer concerns the entire Imp Site, some 800 webpages.

The Imp Site has been composed by me and has been established with hardly any help. I gather information and make it accessable. Don't ask my advice on mechanical issues; while I do supply some pages on Imp mechanics, it doesn't follow that I can advise. As I am no Imp authority, neither is my site. The data that are the basis for this site are in most but not in all cases deriving from reliable sources. (My mistake for not from the very start naming the sources). Nor are any of the offered pages complete - many pages are very incomplete.

This site is meant to be informative only. I most certainly do not urge you to

I do not sell anyting, nor do I benefit from sales that came about through information on my site.

Don't ask me for information that isn't on my site. If I had it, it would be on it.

Do send me feedback. Especially if you find anything wrong, I'd like to know about it.
Please don't send me abusive e-mail. Any mistakes I made were never purposeful intentions to do you wrong. If I have been cheerfully misguided, at least I had fun building this site. May any visitors enjoy the result.

Legal & copyright notice

The Imp Site is a non-money hobby run solely by me, a Dutch Imper. The content (words, images, otherwise) that appears on the web site was based on magazine articles (like in Impressions), e-mail correspondence and/or conversations, with some contributions from others. Copyright for any unedited texts remains with the magazines or the contributing authors.

Most pictures that appear in this webspace are either from my personal archive or were kindly provided by others or mirrored from other sites of which an extended existence was doubtful. Also the pictures may come from old magazines or books and originate from various photographic archives. Many original sources have become unknown over time. I acknowledge that some of these pictures are protected by copyright laws and I warn others that any (commercial) reproduction is strictly forbidden without the written permission of the copyright owner(s). I reproduce these pictures in a fair-use context, i.e. in small size and low resolution and without the purpose of commercial profit or gain. I will be glad if copyright holders come forward to identify their ownership. You can contact me with your copyright queries through the e-mail address on the home page.

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The present logo

There are two Imp Site logos. The first Imp Site logo (unchanged from x-mas 1995 up to January 2009) is based on a design bij Frank Hoefner. The second Imp Site logo is a photo that I enjoyed spending time on.
It is not allowed to use either logo for any purpose, except by Gillian Hill in her function as Regalia Officer for The Imp Club UK.

As far as the text content is concerned: any form of reproduction, in whole or in part, of text, photography (in cases the photos are taken by myself), and illustrations, for private or research purposes is definitely not permitted for business purposes. For other puposes it would be nice if you asked first.
If you quote from The Imp Site, please credit my site as the source and link to it.

If you want to link to the pages on The Imp Site, please link to the main page or any HMTL file in the directory so that the site gains attention and visibility on the Web. Thank you very much for your fairness!

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