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There the club's big forum. You can join the forum without joining the club (The Imp Club UK Ltd.) you gain entrance to most of the forum, except the club parts.


The Hillman Imp Club - a public Facebook group

Mailing list for Impers

On Sunday 8 February 1998 a mailing list was started. It quickly attracted 250+ impers. All online Imp enthusiasts are invited to join. It moved a couple of times, OneList, CoolList, eGroups. Now it is Imps at Yahoo Groups

This list is free. It is not connected to The Imp Club UK. This mailing list for Impers is meant as a means of friendly communication between those with an internet connection and a fondness of Imps. The subject should be 'Imps'.

At first an archive was kept since the end of September 1998.

So - What is a Mailing List?

A mailing list is a way to communicate and share information with many people via e-mail. People join by subscribing. When they have been subscribed, they will receive all messages sent to And they themselves can send messages that will be received by all the other users. If you reply to a message that has reached you via your membership of a list, your reply to that message will go to the list.

This list imps, is an open unmoderated list.
Open: Anyone may subscribe to the list.
Unmoderated: The messages that are posted to the List are automatically distributed to all members without being censored.
Because of this, it is every member's responsibility to follow common guidelines for email etiquette, and accepted policies.
Furthermore: The list owner cannot be held responsible for the more creative thoughts that may be presented as facts on this list. Information found on is put into practice at your own peril. ;-)

Though there is no charge to subscribe to this list, it is not entirely free either: ONElist is selling adverts. Each message, that their listserver sends out, will end with an advert. But they don't allow spam and they don't sell any addresses.

How to join

Imps @

You can add yourself.
Those who join will be expected to observe netiquette.

There exists another list: For Imp owners Down Under 'OzImps'. For more information, Imp Register Australia. It's for NZ, too.


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