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March 1998

Imp AerodynamicsSpoiler; Dutch Davrian;
Generator Conversionalternator;
George Bevan 1917 - 1998
brakes and camR20 camshaft; disc brakes; vacuum advance
R17 camshaft
carburettorscable break; 6N needle
clanshow to buy a Crusader; economy; Dutch Clan register;
release bearingclutch systems; carbon;
DO's & DONT'sFiesta track rod end;
Re: Imps Down Under -Reply -Reply web site; Australian Imps Reg.;
head gasketsReinz
programmable ignition system
Lucas partslights
advert: Product for Aluminum Repair Alumiweld
Modelscoollist trouble; Kenneth Barlow's new Imp site; die cast models; coollist archive; Imp Club regalia
69 Sunbeam Imp Club NZ
imp pistons, liners availability of parts, and prices
RACING!!! Puekohe raceway 1998; top speeds for Imps; aerodynamics; the charge light
Reverse gearparking behaviour
IMP for salein the US: 1965 Sunbeam Imp FS
Settings Webers; Strombergs; SU's; settings; needles
Imp powered single seaters
Spax dampers shock absorbers; gas Spax; tyres; wheels;
Baulking rings transaxles;
Imps on TV
Water Pump Kits? parts suppliers
Wiper Splines replace a wiper spline; wiper wheelbox; 'Mayonnaise' in the oil filler

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