Making new Nymph shells

Date: Sat, 8 Aug 1998 20:48:26 +0100 (WET DST)
Subject: BS Nymphs

I'm just thinking out loud at the moment! - This is the first i've mentioned to anyone about this - so it might not even be possible / practical / cost effective - but....

Would there be any interest in commissioning a new set of shells be made from the BS Nymph moulds that the club have?

I live quite close to Quantum & Lomax (kit car manufacturers) - if there was enough interest they might be willing to help!

How much work is involved in putting one of these creatures together?

Comments please (even if its to tell me to stop being stupid!!!)



Date: Sat, 8 Aug 1998 21:20:31 +0100 (WET DST)
Subject: Re: BS Nymphs

It wouldn't cost anything to approach any of these manufacturers to find out how much they'd charge to lay some fibreglas into an existing mould. Fibreglas and resin is very cheap when you buy it in bulk, so all they might charge is the labour costs for say making five to be worthwhile as a start. I'm sure you could shift five through the club. I think a skilled negotiator could do a good deal. Interesting idea!

Gillian if you are listening in, how much is it for a set of these decals to make your car look original/authentic? Nice meeting you at nat w/e.

Date: Sat, 8 Aug 1998 22:05:40 +0100 (WET DST)
Subject: Re: BS Nymphs

I suggest you contact Dave Weedon , Chairman of the CLAN owner's club , he has the Clan moulds and has constructed a few shells and would be able to advise.

Nick ...

Date: Sun, 9 Aug 1998 13:38:09 +0100 (WET DST)
From: Gillian Hill
Subject: BS Nymphs

To Phil (Hello again!) and others

Graham Beddoe (Imp Club Chairman and failed-MOT Nymph owner!) has already talked to people (involving Dave Weedon, mentioned in another message) and was quoted something between 1500 and 2000 per shell, and I think there was a 'minimum order quantity', perhaps 10 or 15, afraid I can't accurately remember.

I have just had some parts made from two of the moulds - one is the lower rear panel that goes below the engine cover, the other storage pockets in lieu of door pockets as it ain't got no doors! These were made in Surrey, by Andy Elias's Dad (Plug, plug Andy!) who may also be willing to quote for doing the whole thing. (Yes, Andy? Shall I bring mine for him to see???)

As well as all the fibreglass pieces, a number of essential metal parts are needed for strengthening and bracing - the Club has patterns for these as well.

Since everything else on the Nymph is Imp bits, it would be a great way of saving basket cases - usually so purely due to bodywork, wouldn't it?

Perhaps the time has come to see if there's enough interest in the Club (or elsewhere) to get a batch made. I'll chat to Graham again, but of course we'd need quotes and committment, even deposits before being able to place an order.

Quantum would be a great place to go to as they have such a quality reputation. One of our local chaps (brother of Mike the Assistant Regalia Officer), a Chamois owner, has good contacts with Quantum as he may be getting their taking-longest-to-build award (if they had one) for his Quantum convertible - though it's now been inspected by the local VRO and the engine ran last week, so it may be getting there!

The only other major item is the hood - not absolutely essentiual, but makes the vehicle more versatile. I have had one made and it cost megabucks and I am not over-thrilled with the result (it received many flattering comments at the National). But because of that, I could certainly help to provide a better specification. For example, the back window needs to be placed higher to be able to see in the rear-view mirror, and the door 'uprights' would be better thinner to increase visibility when driving with them in place. And if one was having a batch done, presumably one could get a better price.

As a final note, I believe a couple of existing Nymphs are coming up for sale.

PS to Phil - the white Sunbeam Imp Sport that you didn't buy now lives in Edinburgh and was at the National, and looking much better already!

Date: Sun, 9 Aug 1998 13:39:54 +0100 (WET DST)
From: Gillian Hill
Subject: Re: BS Nymphs

> Gillian if you are listening in, how much is it for a set of these decals to make your car look original/authentic? <

Do you mean the "Nymph" writing on the side? Mine aren't exactly accurate, but having already paid for the artwork to be done I can get further sets for about £1 a letter = £10 for one each side. I got them to scan an old advert, and stretch it, so the font is right.

Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1998 19:27:09 +0100 (WET DST)
From: andy elias
Subject: Re: BS Nymphs

further to gillians plug , i have approached my dad about biulding nymph shells, and providing the moulds are in good condition, and the split moulds not to complex, he says he should be able to do them for around 1500 pounds but NO MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY. if its alright i may bring him to the sussex a.c at the end of the month to see your car. perhaps gillian can co-ordinate prospective customers?
if any one in london or the home counties wants anything fibreglass they can email me . must go as i am spectating an armed seige at the end of my road and i am housebound because of it.

Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1998 11:41:17 +0100 (WET DST)
From: Carsten
Subject: Re: BS Nymphs

Build anything in fibreglass... built Centaurs ! :-)

Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998 17:36:43 +0100 (WET DST)
From: Gillian Hill
Subject: Re: BS Nymphs

Further information has come to light (Andy, please tell Dad!)

To conform to today's safety and registration regulations, parts of a Nymph shell would have to be redesigned. For example, the bit where the header rail for the hood fits is now deemed dangerous, as it's just an edge.

presumably nothing that couldn't be resolved, but can't just do them 'as is'.

Next month