Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 03:14:59 +0100 (WET DST)
From: Micodin, Dragos
Subject: RE: user count

Just listening !

My name is Dragos Micodin. I live in San Jose, California and I currently have two Sunbeam Imps one 1965 and one 1966. The 1965 is in fair shape and it is the one that I want to restore. The 1966 is in storage and it is not very straight, but I have a total of 5 engines and transmissions plus a lot of other parts that I can use to restore the 1965. I have many spare parts and hopefully one day I will find the time to restore the car. I have done some work and it almost started but I need to rebuild the carburetor, which I am currently working on.
..but for the time being I'll remain silent and quietly listen to all of you, absorbing knowledge and cruising your sites.

Date: Fri, 7 Aug 1998 21:29:21 +0100 (WET DST)
From: rienk steenhuis
Subject: newbee

hello all

i'm rienk. bro of franka and i thought i'd better introduce myself presto. with all the talk about lurkers going on. i got my e-mail working on the fifth and made the mistake of sending a test message to my sister, who added me to the list no time flat. i didn't introduce myself yesterday because of some weird goings on. like '8 messages waiting' and 'you have no new mail' at the same time. anyway i think i got it working now and one day of only looking doesn't count as lurking does it?

i'll put my two cents worth in when the occasion arises.


Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1998 15:53:27 +0100 (WET DST)
From: Donnelly Anne
Subject: RE: newbee

Hello Rienk,

It was nice to meet Franka at National Weekend. It's a pity that you couldn't come across too - a fourth Imp in our convoy back through Northumberland would have been fun.

Glad to see you on the list.



Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1998 20:22:16 +0100 (WET DST)
From: Adrian Saville
Subject: Introduction

Although we appear to have a fleet of imps - 3 to be precise I have never subscribed to the imp club and appear to be left out of the socials. (violins start to play) but you don't have to be a member of a club to eat ice cream!

I know it's my own stupid fault but ..... I've never had the time. (I blame it on these time saving devices called computers)

As a paid up member of the official coollist lurkers group - what do you mean youve never heard of us - would you like to join!!!! (another can of worms opens)

For those that are interested we have the WIMP, GRIMP and BLIMP
Two points for guessing the colours from their names

Wimp - is a '69 Husky - has been on the road for the last three years and runs at least once a week

Grimp - is a '69 Super - currently sat in a garage covered with dust after her last re-build & paint job and requires minor re-assembly and an interior (is anybody out there)

Blimp - is a ''74 although whole and in daily use up until 12 months ago is sadly in demise outside the garage and is used as a lock up shed to house the component parts to a '64 2 litre straight six triumph based single seater (suffered a blown head gasket - pressurised the radiator - started to leak - fixed radiator - water pump seals subsequently went to the wall - & on & on & on)

As a minor coincedence all of the imps have been stars of the small screen - Last of the summer wine and Wokinwell were both filmed in our locale

Not of interest to most impers but we also have a '79 Alfetta GTV which is in requirement of front grill, water pump, front and rear bumpers, minor paint, fuel line, sun roof sealing, stud removal (snapped a bolt into the suspension leg when I was removing the shockers), lock set, bits of trim etc. etc. etc.

As an aside and to cut down on E-Mail traffic, I feel a few words of netiquette are in order.......

When replying to an E-Mail - only include a small part of the original message - just enough to identify the original message.

Simon - have you heard of PKZIP or JPG files ?

If anyone needs copies of PKZIP - let me know and I will attach to my next E-Mail

Adrian Saville

Date: Wed, 12 Aug 1998 12:44:26 +0100 (WET DST)
From: Simon Trickett
Subject: RE: Introduction


Yep I have heard of those files !!
How many more times do I have to apologise for the big Bitmap !!

Anyhow good to hear form the Imp Lurkers Club!
I used to use a Vauxhall Viva Coupe has a Garage Lock..........very effective.

Simon Trickett

Date: Sat, 22 Aug 1998 09:47:48 +0100 (WET DST)
From: Leigh Parker
Subject: Stranger..(kind of)

G'day people, I guess that I am one of those people that love to read and learn from this great mailing list, I look forward to every time I log on to catch up on the latest hints tips and general chat.. I live in Australia (Victoria) and have been into Imps for as long as I can remember. At the moment I have 6 including a GT and a mk 1 that has only done 26,000 miles. I have a shed full of bits a lot of which is GT stuff but no 998 engines unfortunately! I must admit that I have not used my main car since 1990 but it is well stored so when I get the urge, I will build the motor I have had bored .060" and have 2 40mm webers for, with a good cam and a nicely ported GT head. But reading some of the mail I may be better off to go for a 930 block. I don't see many imps over here so all you Brit's consider yourselves lucky to be able to meet with other Imp owners regularly, (half your luck) Anyway I won't be as much of a stranger now, till I talk again see ya from Australia.
Leigh Parker
6 IMPS & 1956 AUSTIN HEALEY 104 BN2...