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Sunbeam Stiletto, 97-00-HT

Sunbeam Stiletto, 97-00-HT
Frank Schram, 19-Jun-2012: Photo taken on the lawn at the back of my home.
   Frank Schram, 19-Jun-2012

The Stiletto 97-00-HT has been registered the 2nd of April 1969 - serial number B302000954LC0.

The car has been traded in after two years of use for a family saloon. Since then the car has been driven by the wife of the Rootes dealer of Blaricum - Mrs. Keyer de Jongh - until 1985. Only 38000 km as a result.

The car has stayed inside the former premises of the dealer until I bought the car in 2009 from her son - Ruud Keyer - who continued his father's business as a Peugeot dealer - and is now retired.

Body work appeared to be in an excellent condition - apart for a bad respray after a left front side provisional repair.

No welding was required - just a complete disassembly - sanding, priming and smoothing - next a respray in the original colour Turquoise metallic - and two layers of clear lacquer.

Sub frames were conditioned and all brake and clutch parts renewed - fitting of Montecarlo springs and polyurethane Bushes and left hand side steering arm.

The cooling side of the engine was blocked and after removing the cylinder head a heavy debris was found around the 3rd and 4th cylinder. Engine provided with bronze valve seats and guides, new pistons, valves, valve springs and main bearings. New fuel pump, oil pressure switch, thermostat and housing, temperature sender, fuel tank sender unit, tachometer and silencer.

Further new head lamps, number plate lamps, rear bumper, new carpets, door panels and part of the head lining were provided for.

All the work did take me just over two years.

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