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Rootes / Chrysler publicity photos

R Sunbeam Imp SportRootes Motors Ltd. d.d.  
R 66884 Sunbeam SportChrysler
United Kingdom Ltd.
R 66980 Sunbeam SportChrysler
United Kingdom Ltd.
d.d. Micheal Sedgwick
1 June Cottage
June Lane
West Sussex
NY-4063 Sunbeam Sportsedan    


Sunbeam Sportsedan
Only Sunbeam could build sports car engineering
and performance into an economy car. This is
the only car that survived Africa's 6000-mile
"Destruction Test". Test it yourself... you've never
driven anything like it!

Photo files of Imps spotted at social events.

Hillman Imp Sport

FPM 8C       
DSU 353G       
LF-67-58    Red, black bonnet   1970links to external web page
Rui Bevilacqua/Nuno Rodrigues da Silva, comp. no. #22, Rally de Portugal Historico (2006?)
GCH 551J       

Hillman GT

Imp 067    Deep Burgundy Mica Pearl   1968links to external web page
David & Michele Coatsworth's

Singer Chamois Sport

ZV 88421 dark green     
EVR 151D dark blue     
NPN 712F Maroon ?   1969  
NDL 510G     1969  
CYX 123H       
EBP 706H     1969  

Sunbeam Imp Sport

600 EYG Sunbeam Imp Sport 1971 Award winner: Imp07, Masterclass
owner: John Deveraux
NDW 662M Sunbeam Imp Sport lilac and mauve  1973  in Denmark 
MTG 270E Hartwell Sunbeam Imp Sport colour  1967   
85-01-DESunbeam Imp Sport Red (black bootlid)    1967 Harm van Dijk
FGK 26JSport golden bronze metallic ?  1970 Philip Mountain
OFN 140F Sunbeam Imp Sport Rover Trophy Blue Blue met.    1967 award winner: 3rd Sunbeam Imp Sport Imp07
owner: Chris Mabbutt
PLN 59E  Sunbeam Imp Sport       Rootes Rally conversion
no longer exists
PNE 773JSport red car, yellow top half  year  Wouter Hol
MVN 524F 1968 
UPA 512F 1968 
NPR 270J 1970award winner: 2nd Sunbeam Imp Sport Imp07
owner: Mike Goodwin
EYU 897J 1971 award winner: 1st Sunbeam Imp Sport Imp07
owner: Gary Matthews
JUE 463L 1972  
JUM 628L 1972  
LNK 635L 1972 
UXD 580M 1973 
XNP 980M 1974  


Sunbeam Sport

JAC 366N Sunbeam Sport Kingfisher blue metallic    1975 Vince Frost

    Sunbeam Imp Sport
Sunbeam Imp Sport, GDU 341D

Sunbeam Imp Sport

In the race and rally-winning tradition that has made Sunbeam famous, comes the new Sunbeam Imp Sport - with a roar that tells you this is a big little car! The engine has had three years of proving in international races and rallies - the toughest in the world. Proved high-speed reliability plus servo-assisted brakes, tough unitary construction and sure road-holding means that the Imp Sport provides safety and exitement.
Recommended price £ 665.9.4 inc. p.t.

  • 55 bhp at 6100 rpm
  • twin carburettors
  • oil cooler as standard
  • sports suspension
  • full instrumentation, paddd facia surround
  • new reclining front seats
  • servo-assisted brakes
  • sound insulation and under-body sealing
Sunbeam Imp Sport, Mk.2, with Sport hub caps

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