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Singer Chamois, DSO 34C

Date 1st Registration: 16 Oct. 1987
Year of Manufacture: 1965
Cylinder Capacity: 875cc
Colour: green

First registered in Morayshire.

Imp 16, Hatton Country World (east of Warwick), August 5th
     Friday morning, the gathering for the tour to the British Motor Museum (50 miles) at Gaydon, former Heritage Centre.

Imp 16, Hatton Country World (east of Warwick), August 5th
 To the right: Banbury B4086
To the left: Gaydon; Kineton Meadows

Imp 16, Hatton Country World (east of Warwick), August 5th
     At a quarter past twelve, the first part of the Friday tour
Imp 12, Matlock - Sunday, August 5
Imp 12, Matlock - Sunday, August 5
Imp 12, Matlock - Sunday, August 5


Imp 12, Matlock - Sunday, August 5

Rally plaque no.: 156

Make & Model: Singer Chamois
Colour: green
Milage: 6400-ish (I don't think)
No. of years owned: 4/12
No. of owners:
Engine cc: 875
MPG: 45-ish

What attracted you to this car:
Pictures, price, and a nagging 16 y.o. son !!

Claim to fame or any tales:
Bought sight unseen from eBay - collected from 550 miles away on the basis of 'If she gets home - great !! If not RAC :-)' She got home.

Restoriation history incl. engine modifications:
I don't know anything about 'Fifi'. If you do, please let me know.
Fifi never left Scotland (Apparently) before I bought her. Previous owners from around Aberdeen and Perth.

Imp 12, Matlock - Sunday, August 5


Taken from DriveArchive: (Submitted by: Rob Liscoe)

Registration Number: DSO 34C
Otherwise known as: Fifi (because like 'Chamois' it sounds french)
Manufacturer: Singer
Model: Chamois
Type: 875cc Saloon
Category: Car
Year Of Manufacture: 1965
Owned From: 5 May 2012
Owned To:
Mileage: 3182 when bought (but not the original mileage)
Colour(s): originally Forest Green
Current Location: United Kingdom
Record Entered: 22/05/2012
Last Updated: 21/12/2012
Notes: Bought this unseen off eBay for my nipper to learn to drive in. Flew to Scotland to collect it and drive home to Southampton fully expecting to have to get at least part of the way on the back of a recovery truck. Couldn't take any tools so I trusted to a spare can of petrol and five litres each of oil and water bought from the first petrol station I came across, and bimbling home at a sedate speed. That didn't last long though because she was such fun to drive!! And she made all 520 miles under her own power too :)
Modifications: A new coat of paint that is considerably less drab/more green than the original. She's obviously had a sport engine put in her at some time in the past because although its a standard engine in there now, there are the sport exhaust, driveshafts and modifications to make it a 'sport' engine lid still present. Dec '12 - I've put a sport head on now too, so she 'goes' a little bit more :0
Accolades: The first 520 miles I ever drove her without a problem with no preparation other than a polish.


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