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Index of photo files, mostly taken at club events. I have only recently started this project and it's a heap of work, so bear with me. I'm starting with the easy types, those that are plainly recognisable. If you find your Imp here or if you know I've got photos of your Imp, you could decide to help me out and supply me with a bit of info... Let me know exactly what kind of Imp it is - I don't mind if you are very specific about your Imp!

  italian magazine - Imp with skis
  registration may be 1561 1244G, but I'm only fairly certain of the G.
photo in a 1965 italian magazine.
  • Hillman Imp Californian
  • Hillman Californian
  • Singer Chamois coupé  
  • Sunbeam Californian
  • Singer Chamois
  • Sunbeam Chamois
  • Hillman Husky
  • Hillman Imp
  • Sunbeam Imp
  • Hillman Imp de luxe
  • Sunbeam Imp de luxe
  • Rally
  • Singer Rallye Chamois
  • Hillman Imp Sport
  • Hillman Sport
  • Hillman GT
  • Singer Chamois Sport
  • Sunbeam Imp Sport
  • Sunbeam Sport
  • Sunbeam Stiletto
  • Hillman Imp Super
  • Hillman Super Imp
  • Sunbeam Imp Super
  • Sunbeam Super Imp
  • Commer Imp van
  • Hillman Imp van

Imp Based??: PBW931, entry no. 49 at Imp07

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