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Photo files of Imps spotted at social events. (well, mostly - at the bottom some Imp PR photos)

Hillman Imp

CH-5540 yellow   1963 Mk. 1
461 JIK  orange    1974 restored in 2004 
   Polar White       
  Polar White       
  Polar White       
  Polar White       
   Kingfisher Blue         
  bright blue     
JHL 744L   
NWR 677A  1963 
JRM 998B  1964confirmed: basic Hillman Imp
EPA 642B  1964 
GHD 430D  1966 
DRE 33E  1967 
JHR 264E  1967 
BTC 481E  1967 
RDY 551H   
XKP 773J  1970confirmed: basic Hillman Imp 
HYU 820N  1970 
PNE 773J  1970 
VKL 287H  1970Hillman Imp Mk2 
NJH 785H  1970 
GRH 551J  1971 
J Tahiti (?) Blue   1971 From the Impulse 09 form (Plaque no. 182):
Rhondda, South Wales
Imp (Chrysler) Basic
Colour: Tahiti (?) Blue
Owned since 2006
Milage at Imp09: 81,000
Engine: 875cc; Engine modifications: Replacement engine fitted 2008; Top speed: 80mph; MGP: ?
What attracted you to this car: right(ish) price at right time when looking for an Imp
Restoration history: Bought under impression that it was VGC; subsequently found out it has had a fair bit of welding, incl. inner arches. Needs quite a bit more work to get it 'right'. Been patched up rather than restored
Claim to fame: known as Celyn on club forum, after Imp y Celyn - a character in 'Soul Music' by Terry Pratchett
GPE 222J  1971 
        From the Impulse 09 form (Plaque no. 114):
Witney, Oxfordshire
Hillman Imp
Colour: Black
Owned since 2002
Milage at Imp09: 73,776
Engine: 875cc; Engine modifications: None (alternator fitted); Top speed: 80mph; MGP: not known
What attracted you to this car: she's topless; connected by David Henshaw circa 1984
Restoration history: Saved from seagull poo and salt water in Weymouth in 2002, put back on the road that year
Claim to fame: In Apex book
HUY 169K  1971 
BHP 789K  1971 
FAF 311L  1972 
WTF 118L     1973  
LGY 957K  1972confirmed: basic Hillman Imp 
CBP 414L  1972confirmed: basic Hillman Imp 
CWK 859K  1972 
KJK 788K  1972 
YHR 283K  1972 
NJH 754L   1972 a Super?
NPG 450D       on Minilites
OKA 9M  19.. 
PGH 640L  1973 
MGW 815D   1973placed wrong. It's a Super
WNF 438L   1973 placed wrong. It's a Super
YNP 128M  1973 
SMC 286M  1974 
UBH 79E red (faded)      
XAN 434N  1974 
JYG 410N  1974 
JKP 91N  1975 
LRM 131P  1976 
KVJ 4P     1976 Caledonian  

Sunbeam Imp

Automobile Museum in Qawra (Malta) has a red Sunbeam Imp on display.

CMW937 colour  1968 comment
71-27-GU two broad white stripes over the car  1969  
72-85-MS Polar White, balck bootlid and engine cover   19.. comment
77-19-ZS metallic wine red, white stripe on the boot lid   1971 a convertible since 1972

Basic Imp PR photos

     Imp I; Ref No. RL 781

For first publication morning papers Friday May 3rd

Britain's newest mini-car, the Hillman Imp

The Hillman Imp, with comfortable seating for four. An aluminium power unit - outstanding feature of this new car - develops 42 gross brake horse power at 5,000 r.p.m., producing a top speed of 75 miles per hour.

With the 875 cubic centimetres power unit mounted above the rear wheels and luggage space at the front and the rear, this car is the first to be manufactured in Scotland for over 30 years.

The alunimium engine is a fascinating feature of this new car. Weighing only 170 pounds, approximately half the weight of a similar cast iron engine unit, it gives increased efficiency, lower petrol consumption and reduces wear on tyres and brakes to provide better all-round performance.

The engine is the result of close collaboration between the car manufacturers, Rootes Group, and Coventry Climax, who with their experience of designing racing engineshave been intimatly concerned with aluminium engines.

Another interesting feature of this new car is the use of a completely new accelerator system. This involves the use of air pressure to replace the conventional rod or cable, linking the motion of the accelerator pedal with the carburettor. This unit is simple, economical and, above all, aids driving by increasing sensitivity of control.

Manufacturer: Rootes Group, Devonshire House, Piccadilly, London, ZZZ 110414 (MA20)
April, 1963

Ref. No. RL 781



   Hillman Imp - photo by Autocar
Hillman Imp, May 1963; 7431 VC
   Hillman Imp photo by Autocar
Hillman Imp, May 1963; 7431 VC
   Hillman Imp VHS 811
Hillman Imp, May 1963; VHS 811; Ref.No. RL 205
   Hillman Imp opening rear window
Hillman Imp, May 1963; Ref.No. 382
   dashboard Hillman Imp
Hillman Imp, May 1963; Ref 64/ 7270
  Hillman Imp May 1963 R45571
Hillman Imp, May 1963; Ref R45571
Look at the two-tone seats. The door cover looks two-tone, too. And the inside dash is painted a very light colour, while the outside is maybe red or so...
  Hillman Imp Mk2
   Hillman Imp 1969
The new Hillman Imp saloon ( R61910)
Not for publication before Monday, 6th October, 1969
Rootes Motors Limited; Atlas Photography Ltd.
  Sunbeamp Imp, photo Mar 5, 1964
Sunbeam automobile dfpz 17383
British offer an Imp to U.S. : Sunbeam Imp has aluminium engine in rear / by Fred Olmsted. - [World of Wheels]
This photo of a Sunbeam Imp originally had a different background. Especially the rear wheel shows the light gray of the original.

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