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FTH 302E, Hillman Imp Super

According to the DVLA (Vehicle Enquiry):
    Date of First Registration - 2 January 1967
    Vehicle Colour - green.

Colour code 90: Silver Moss - metallic
Chassis no. B442: Rootes Hillman Imp Super

Hillman Imp Super
Imp 11 , Bangor, August 4
   through a dirty wind screen...


Hillman Super Imp FTH 302E
Imp 11 , Bangor, August 4
   FTH 302E, driven by Andy - I thought Sue Ellis, former Regalia Officer, owns it - overtaking us on the A55 on the way to Bangor (3 PM). He overtook us earlier, but apparantly had a long lunchbreak just to supply me with a better chance of taken a photo. :-)


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