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Hillman Imp Spring Special

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JCD 839E gold    1967  

Metalic paint (silver or gold / bronze)
US spec bumpers (bolted to chassis and with towel rail)
Blue interior that fades to 2 tone (although the gold one may differ)
Heater blower motor fitted (mine has a heated rear screen but i think that was aftermarket)
aledgedy uprated heater matrix.
and they came with white wall tyres

The Spring Special had 'Hillman' lettering on the bonnet (despite being from 1967).
a red illuminating switch on the addition switch panel, along side the blower motor switch. It doesn't seem to do anything other than flicker. Was this for the heated rear screen?
The Spring Special used the rare 'export' matrixes plumbed into the heater circuit and shoved into the plenum chamber (the box behind the front panel where the horns are and where the blower fan bolts to).
they were built for Canada when they had mixed LHD/RHD depending on the province. I presume that 66/67 Canada standardised to LHD cars and driving on the Right and that this caused the order for these RHD's to be cancelled. I had thought the run was meant for N. America in general and not just Canada. Reason I speculated this is that USA adopted emmisions and crash standards that I don't think Canada took on till later. t would seem unlikely that RHD's would have been exported to Canada at that time...they seem to have gone completely to driving on the right in 1947
So these cars were built for that market, not shipped and then sold as a special edition here...
I see that the bumpers were stronger and the colour was/is the Silver metallic, Platinum metalic is the one you mean. Its 120. Some were in a gold / Bronze Metallic too - like Colin Gunns one. and the heater MAY be better?
SS's also have seat that fade to a twin tone blue (yeah random) and often have some other random switches (although i need to research whether any were factory or not...
Your bumpers have front underriders ( the chrombe bars ) and the rear towel rail bit . ours dont . W have a seperate front and rear actual bumpers ( rear has a hole in it for a starting handle ) Yours are really two of our front ones with special brackets and those other bits i mentioned . Ive managed to get two complete US spec ones over here and ive fitted them to both my Imps. They were available over here on a ltd edition model called a Spring Special.

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