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R 67095 Hillman Imp CaledonianChrysler
United Kingdom Ltd.
United Kingdom Ltd.

Photo files of Imps spotted at social events.

LFP 681P 1976     Cherry  
NFE 443P 1976     Cherry  
PYA 241P 1976     Cherry  
       From the Impulse 09 form (Plaque no. 258):
Imp Caledonian
Wottom-under-Edge, Glos.
Owned since 1986. No. of owners: 2
Milage @ Imp09: 71,599
Engine: 875cc (original);
Engine modifications: none;
MGP: 45+
What attracted you to this car: Good overall condition when purchased
Restoration history: sills + arches only - Mike Hanna undertook task: results speak for themselves !!
Claim to fame: BBC 'The Car's the Star' series

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