Husky - period photo
Periode picture: Hillman Husky

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Hillman Husky

Photo files of Imps spotted at social events.

FAB 1 Pink       3rd price as Best Husky or Van at Imp 07 
JCA 766E  grey / green    1967  
KOR 382F  blue    1967  
LVF 285E  Polar White    1967  
NAE 346F  Polar White    1967  
NAX 970F  Polar White    1967  
OMR 799G bright blue    1969  
PTR 601G two-tone: blue car with white top    '68-'69  
SPJ 141F Forest Green  1968  
UOA 380H dark green    '69-'70  
WGH 679G  Polar White    1968  
WYU 976H  Kingfisher Blue metallic   1970  2nd price as Best Husky or Van at Imp 07; 1st at Imp 08
XLY 828G bright blue 1968  
BLD 893H      1970  

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