Ginetta G15, NMK 492L - period photo
period photo: Ginetta G15 NMK 492L

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728 RBX 75  dark green    1972 A French Ginetta G15  
RHK 339K 
orange    1972 Imported into The Netherlands (summer 2009), hence a change in reg. no.  
CGV 940L  orange    1973   
FRA 33H            
HOT 120L       1972   
DCF 243L yellow    1972   
LUE 695L dark red     Amber Racing
OUL 915L       1972   
OUC 915L white, blue tinge    1972   
HAY 603L white, blue tinge    1973;   
VRX 511       1969   
DUY 800J Orange    1970/71   
VTU 9J Black, blue line    19..   
OBU 401       1972   
XPD 999G   orange          
AM-84-17   rood       Exported from Northern Ireland, imported into The Netherlands   

In alphabetical order (19):

525 KR yellow   1972  
728 RBX 75 green  1972A French Ginetta G15  
AM-84-17red   1972Imported into The Netherlands (summer 2009), formerly ...   
AM-83-83orange    1972 Imported into The Netherlands (summer 2009), formerly RHK 339K  
AWB 273M green   1972  
BEA 606J  orange    1970   
CGV 940L  orange    1973   
DCF 243L yellow    1972   
DUY 800J orange    1970/71   
ENL 322L yellow   1972   
HAY 603L pale blue    1973   
LUE 695L dark red  1973Amber Racing
NJR 449M blue    1973   
OUC 915L white    1972   
RHK 339K  orange    1972 Imported into The Netherlands (summer 2009), now reg. no. AM-83-83  
SJR 113N   white      1974   
VTU 9J black    1971 Black with a blue line  
VXG 451J   ?  ?  ?  ? 
XPD 999G  orange     1969  

On on 14 june 2014, this information was found:
G 15:

 RegistrationcolorDate 1st admittanceDate commencement ascriptionDate 1st issue NederlandExpiry APK (MoT)Mass empty vehicleRoad readyCapacityPower
G 15DH-14-55yellow30-06-197202-06-1992 02-06-199225-08-1998600kg700kg 
G15AM-83-84orange01-12-197114-07-200914-07-200916-08-2013668 kg768 kg1040 cm³55 kW
(75 pk)
G15AM-84-17 red24-04-197220-07-200920-07-200926-08-2015633 kg733 kg998 cm³50 kW
(68 pk)

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