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The Commer Imp 5 cwt. van

Photo files of Imps spotted at social events

APP 520F  dark green      F= Aug. 67 Jul. 68 
GBC 662D  Pale green      1966 
CGL 358C  dark green      196? 
GRM 486D  bright blue      1966 
KHN 664D  two-tone: dark green with yellow nose-tip and roof      1966 
RGO 783E  Lavender blue      1967 It won the 1st price for Best Husky or Van at Imp 07 
VVP 972J Medium Green      1970 
DOU 489D      1966  
WYV 552H       1969 
XF-69-59 Willow Green (104)    1967  
BPP        1968   
PTR 601G       1970   
LXE 609G  bright blue      1968It moved to the U.S.A. 

Hillman Imp van

NDV 39F green       Hillman Husky? Modurdy Afallon Machynlleth Rootes Arbenigwyr Imp + Clan
RVP 93G blue car, white top       Chrysler Parts service van
RVP 530G red       Impwerks working van (New Zealand)
WMT 726G Polar White     1969blue or red line filling the fold
unknown blue     1970Hillman Imp van advert - August 2011

Imp van
Rembrandtplein (Rembrandt Square) in Amsterdam, a Fleurop flower delivery van (date unknown)

On on 14 june 2014, this information was found:

 RegistrationcolorDate 1st admittanceDate commencement ascriptionDate 1st issue NederlandExpiry APK (MoT)Mass empty vehicleRoad readyCapacityCapacity ccPower
Imp vanXF-69-59n.a.11-05-197220-02-200111-05-197208-03-2015706 kg806 kg359 kg 26 kW
(35 pk)

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