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Photo files of Imps spotted at social events.

99-DR-68 red    1974    
AAK 677L black         
EAF 8K yellow  Imp Club National Weekend
EUJ 537Vblack   Roger Swift
EVK 14K            
FBT 909L red         
GHL 109N  silver    1974   
        From the Impulse 09 form (Plaque no. 19):
Colour: red over yellow
Owned since 2009 - six weeks before the National
No. of owners: ?
Engine: 998cc; Engine modifications: 998 Block strengthener / Ported head; Twin 40s; luminition
Top speed: 100mph; MGP: 10-50 - controlled by right foot
What attracted you to this car: lighter than my Imp = faster
Restoration history: unknown
GKE 563L red        
HET 62N blue    1975   
JAY 516L red    1973   
JOJ 490N red    1975   
LUP 62J brown    1970   
MHM 30L red    1972   
NYL 7L          
NYH 10L yellow         
OAG 763L            
OGE 304M green    1973   
OPT 434J            
OWD 993M blue    1973   
OWW 770K green         
PPT 597K            
RNX 901M            
Q320 OBP            
Q133 CRF            
Q516 UHB    multicolour 1988 For sale in 2009 on the web
TAB 599L          
TIJ 7144 pale yellow 1984at Imp09; at Imp 11 (Imp Cymru)
VFE 21 white    1972   
VVX 291L            
ZV 33772 red     at Imp 11 (Imp Cymru)

On on 14 june 2014, this information was found:

 RegistrationcolorDate 1st admittanceDate commencement ascriptionDate 1st issue NederlandExpiry APK (MoT)Mass empty vehicleRoad readyCapacityPower
Crusader64-00-ZD red13-08-197415-04-199613-08-197425-04-2016609 kg709 kg  
Crusader64-68-ZD blue17-08-197317-03-201417-08-197330-11--1 609 kg 709 kg   
Crusader65-36-ZD orange28-05-197430-11-198928-05-197430-11--1 609 kg709 kg  
Crusader73-AE-52 bruin20-09-197302-07-199920-09-197320-07-2000609 kg709 kg  
Crusader91-AT-05red13-03-197421-10-199913-03-197430-11--1 609 kg709 kg  
Crusader98-BD-32yellow28-03-197428-03-197428-03-197430-11--1 609 kg709 kg  

There are only Clan Crusaders registered. No other Clans.

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