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The BS Nymph

Photo files of Imps spotted at social events.

CSF 156B  white    1964   
PPF 997B  Golden Brown    1964    
URE 783C Anchusa Blue    1964  From the Impulse 09 form (Plaque no.: 160):
B.S. Nymph; Colour: Anchusa Blue
Owned since 1998. No. of owners: 5 or more
Engine: 875cc; Engine modifications: Janspeed, Twin choke Weber; Top speed: Enough !; MGP: 45
What attracted you to this car: Graham Beddoe wouldn't leave me his in his will; got my own
Restoration history: cross member strengthening; rewiring with all-round earth; painted in 2001
Claim to fame: Ally Pally 2001 - Best custom / kit / replica
Any amusing tales: The grin on the face of every person who has driven it!
KVG 665A green         
FKV 912D Anchusa Blue    1966    
PWK 680R orange         
LEC 549    red       Joyce Andersson   

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