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Ailsa Craig engine called Imp

Ailsa Craig Ltd made marine engines for many years. In their 'F' series (after The Great War) there was an engine named 'Imp'. They had other small engines with names like the Kid and the Pup.

When in 1962 the company was acquired by Warsop Fram Group, all the Ailsa Craig assets were up for sale. The Warsop Fram Group traded the name 'Imp' to the Rootes Group in exchange for a new Humber Super Snipe motor car.

"One outcome of the Ailsa Craig take-over was a free new Humber Super Snipe from the Rootes Group for the company for using the Ailsa Craig trade name Imp on the Hillman Imp."

source: The History of Warsop and its machines / by Donald G. Whiting.
- 19 p. [41 pages, every other page not numbered with an illustration on it]. - ill.
on page 14, numbered as 6, last sentence of the paragraph under

existing model:   shrunk:

Secret Scotland wiki; Ailsa Craig Ltd; Hillman Imp name
Also the eBook, The Ailsa Craig Archives, Book One 'The History', which is free to download.

    Humber Super Snipe 1962
Humber Super Snipe 1962

The biographer/ author of Ailsa Craig Project, John S., wrote to me on the subject of the bought name. I asked him how he knew this to be fact and he replied:

[...] I can direct you to the last family owner of the Ailsa Craig Companies; both he and his father before him had the history researched by an official historian and they kept meticulous records, the later history (as this) is recorded in the Warsops Fram Group history, although I'm not sure if this particular item was ever meant for public consumption?
Nevertheless, I think you can take it as correct on all counts as there is absolutely no reason for Dr Robert Kisch to report any different, he was himself a car fanatic and seeing the exchange of a company product's name for that of a very desirable sports motor car of its period must have hurt him greatly.

Likely the MD of the Fram Group got the Snipe.

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