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4533 KV

4533 KV was the second Imp made. It was presented by Lord Rootes to Lord Lee, chairman of Coventry Climax. The car is fitted with one of 20 Climax 875cc engines.

From: Tim and Julie Harper
Subject: Hillman Imp Reg. No.4533KV
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002

Just been browsing the Imp website & saw mention of 4533KV, my old Imp !  I still have the original log book amongst all my other COVENTRY CLIMAX memorobilia !  Brilliant little car cost me £26.00 when my father purchased it off Leonard Pelham Lee for me in the late 1970's. My father at the time was working very closely, as Personal Assistant, with the then retired Leonard Lee at the Godiva Fire Pumps factory in Warwick, where I spent many happy hours over the school holidays.

Unfortunately I was forced to sell the Imp after it had covered some 80,000 miles due to its failing the MOT test, but I had covered over 50,000 miles in it myself with very little trouble apart from 3 monthly cylinder head removals (gasket & valves of course & a timing chain). I got £100.00 for it and the person who purchased it told me he wanted to restore it as it was a 'special', but i'm not sure if he wanted it for the Reg. No. !

Does any one know if it is still around ??

Tim Harper, Rugby, England.

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