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 Ray Payne             Resident Chief Engineer
Team Hartwell
43 / Holdenhurst Road
Bournemouth / Hants / TELE: 26566

Works Preparation


All work carried out at our Bournemouth works is under the supervision of Ray Payne, whose experience with hot machinery stretches back to the legendary E.R.A., the Cooper-Norton, and the Sunbeams in which George Hartwell made such a name for himself in European Rally Competition. His son Alan carries on the family tradition by racing cars exclusively prepared by Ray Payne.

Ray himself is well-known on the circuits with his meticulously prepared and driven Imp.

Specialist work is also carried out to convert other makes for fast touring and racing .


Package Kits (ABCD)


This is an integrated tuning system in itself and with its aid you can transform your '875' into a very quick car indeed. The packages come complete in every detail and all subassembly work is done for you - this is particularly helpful in the case of twin-carb outfits, where hours can be lost on tedious detail.

The permutations of our packages are all pretty formidable and you can add another to your existing set-up at a later date without having to jettison material already purchased. There is an Approved Stockist and Fitting Service and we can quote you rational prices for professional installation both here and around the country.

bucket seat, springs, dash, exhaust, strombergs, cylinderhead, camshaft

998 Conversion


These one-litre engines are the blg-bangers of the Imp Brigade. Their extra power, torque and revs. are much in the modern vogue. We can supply these engines in various stages of tune with Stromberg or Weber carburation and for such divergent competition as Circuit-racing and Autocross.

When you reach the 'hairy limit' of our racing tune, you are in very rarified atmosphere and we will be pleased to advise you about The Steps Beyond. A 998 in the back of your Imp will ensure effortless power for rallies and road use, and yet it is so gentle in traffic that you can lend it to your aunt.


998 Performance

Speed in secs - graphic

Chassis Tuning

The inherent stability of the Imp and other Rootes cars can be further improved by alteration and addition to the suspension equipment and we list below our Stage Tune for the Imp as being typical of improvements we can effect with other models. After this has been done you can go off into the realms of wide wheels, spacers and roll-over bars !

Stages of cylinder head tune


Stage One. Grinding out, reshaping, polishing ports and combustion chambers. Lightening, polishing, grinding in and fitting valves with stronger springs. Raising compression ratio 10: 1.

Stage Two. As above with larger in,let valves and inserts.

Stage Three. Racing cylinder head with strengthened casting to withstand racing stresses. Larger inserts and valves, and double valve springs.


Instrumentation & Seating


Instrumentation - We hope that you won't go thrashing off up the road in anything but a mildly tuned car without making provision for monitoring your engine's welfare by means of a tacho., pressure gauge, etc. TEAM Hartwell uses Smiths Instruments and can supply a beautiful supplementary facia to house them.

Seating - Unlike work the seat does not have to be 'orrible and we can supply fast-touring or pure racing seats, also padded covers, to improve the effectiveness of standard seats.
High cornering forces make adequate location absolutely necessary. You don't want your girl passengers in your lap-or do you ?

Bucket Seat n Instrument Panel

Map & Guide


From London - A30 to Basingstoke; A33 to Southampton; A366 to Cadnam; A31 to Ringwood; A348 to Castle Lane; Castle Lane to Holdenhurst Road.

From Birmingham - A435 to Evesham; A44 to Broadway; A44 to Stow on the Wold; A424 to Burford; A361 to Swindon; A345 to Salisbury; A338 to Ringwood; A348 to Castle Lane; Castle Lane to Holdenhurst Road.

From Manchester - take M6 to Birmingham; M5 to Gloucester; A419 to Swindon ; A345 to Salisbury; A338 to Ringwood; A348 to Castle Lane: Castle Lane to Holdenhurst Road.

roadmap route to Hartwell

High Performance Cars



  • Hillman Imp Californian
  • Singer Chamois Coupe
  • Hillman Super Imp
  • Singer Chamois


  • Twin Zenith Stromberg 125 C.D. carbs on alloy inlet manifold
  • Four branch exhaust manifold with high efficiency silencer
  • Hartwell Sports camshaft
  • Competition suspension

Performance figures:

M.P.H.   Secs.
0-60 14.5

65 B.H.P. at 6,500 R.P.M.

M.P.H.   Std.   Hartwell 998
0-60    16.3    12.0 secs.

Demonstration vehicles available

Hire, Purchase, and Part Exchange


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