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Add to your motoring pleasure with
Rootes quality accessories

Add to your motoring pleasure with Rootes quality accessories   
Rootes quality accessories  


Rootes quality accessories

You've got a wonderful car already - because it's made by Rootes ! But think how even more wonderful it will be... how much more you'll enjoy all the motoring you do, summer and winter through... when you add some of the quality accessories specially made with Rootes cars in mind.

Add Rootes accessories to your present Rootes model - whatever kind it is - and enjoy more pride, more pleasure every mile you're behind the wheel. Watch the admiring glances of your passengers, friends and neighbours, too!

Rootes offer a wide selection of quality accessories, many of which are illustrated in this brochure. Ask your Rootes Dealer - he'll help you!

Genuine parts
& Accessories
 Birds View of 'Rootes Parts', Rootes Motors (Parts) Ltd.
Rootes Accessories 1968 - radio kits  

Radio Kits

Think of the soothing effect of your favourite music as you drive; an enjoyable play or discussion programme to make a long journey seem to fly by; your sports programme right there live in your car while you drive... there are so many advantages of having a good car radio fitted. You will wonder how you could ever have done without it, once installed! Adds extra value to your Rootes car, too. You and all the family will enjoy a new kind of motoring pleasure, with a permanent car radio aboard. See your Rootes Dealer. He'll fit your radio and see it's properly suppressed; also the aerial of your choice, too.

  1. Various types of aerial avalable
  2. Radiomobile Model 970
    de Luxe Model 980)
    Five push-button station selection
  3. Radiomobile Model
    70X Push-button wave-band selection and tone control
  4. Radiomobile Model 320
    Speech/Music switched tone control
Rootes Accessories 1968 - extra mirrors  


With more cars coming on the road every day, it's a wise driver who plays it safe - and fits mirrors to his Rootes model, to give better all-round visibility/ Mirrors not only make your driving safer; they give you greater convenience and driving pleasure. Mirrors are a boon for fast motorway driving and are essential for touring abroad.

Wing mirrors are, of course, a 'must' for any car - on both wings, not just on the off-side. Anti-dazzle rear view mirrors, vanity mirrors for the ladies, 'sporty' mirrors for the enthousiast, extension mirrors for estate cars - you'll find them all at your local Rootes dealer. Come in and see !

  1. Four styles, available all models
  2. Interior anti-dazzle, for any model
  3. Tear-dop mirror, fits any car
  4. Vanity mirror, fits in glove-box
  5. For caravans; extension mirror, fits any car


Rootes mirrors

Rootes Accessories 1968 - extra lights  

Extra lights

There's no doubt about it - extra lights make any car extra safe and extra pleasant to drive, especially in tough winter conditions. Naturally, extra lighting is highly desirable for fast night driving, giving you far greater margins of safety and security.

Spotlights, giving extra powerful points of light where you want them most, are always useful, whether in tungsten or in superior quartz-halogen. Reverse and park lights are also a big extra safety factor. Your local Rootes Dealer will help and advise you on all aspects of extra lighting for your particular Rootes model.

Rectangular fog and spot lamps

Specially designed to be fitted below the bumper. Fog lamps give wide-angle flat-top beam that cuts through mist and fog. Spot lamps throw powerful, far-reaching beam for easier, safer driving in inclement weather.

  1. Spotlights for any Rootes car-in tungsten or Quartz-halogen.
  2. Rectangular spots. if you prefer. Professionally styled for your car.
  3. Reverse lights for any Rootes car except 'Imp' range.
  4. Reverse lights for 'Imp' range only.
  5. Park light; fits any Rootes car.
  6. Pendant reverse light for estate cars.
  7. Amber headlamp disc, fits any car with round headlamps. Useful when motoring abroad.
Rootes Accessories 1968 - wheel trims; overriders; badge bars  

Embellish your car

Every motorist is proud of his Rootes car - just as you are. And with very good reason, because they are very good cars. But, you'll agree, a little embellishment - a little extra touch of racy style here and there - adds a certain 'something' to your car that makes you feel extra proud to be behind the wheel. So why not spoil yourself! Indulge in the small embellishments that add that extra smart look... wheel trims, overriders, badge bars, etc. They are all waiting for you at your local Rootes Dealer. Drive in... and see!

  1. Wheel trims in various sizes to fit all Rootes models.
  2. Overriders for all models, where not standard; not available for 'Imp' range with twin headlamps.
  3. Sporty badge bars; fit all models.
Rootes Accessories 1968 - locks  

Lock it up

Did you know that about 100 cars a day are reported stolen in the London Metropolis alone? Think of the hundreds of cars that are stolen each day across the whole country. Car stealing is increasing. Don't make it easy for a thief. Don't put temptation in his way, even to steal petrol. Lock all valuables out-of-sight in the boot. Always lock all doors of your car and immobilise it when parked even if you leave it only for a few minutes. Remember, it's not just the shock of finding your car stolen. It's the inconvenience afterwards, the frustrating sense of loss and irritation. Beat the car thief (and all his kind) with Rootes immobilisation locks built for the job. See your Rootes Dealer today. It's a wise investment.

  1. Gear lever lock for 'Imp' range.
  2. Petrol lock cap Hunter Range.
  3. Bonnet lock for 'Imp' range.
  4. Gear lock for all models outside 'Imp' range.
Rootes Accessories 1968 - power boost brakes, steering wheels  

For the sporty

For the man who's a real enthusiast... who takes a pride in his car and likes to add the sporty touch to his motoring, Rootes have some dashing accessories in store See your Dealer'

  1. Lace-on wheel glove; leather or simulated leather; all models.
  2. Sporty woodrim wheel; 'Imp' range only.
  3. Leather padded wheel; 'Imp' range only.

Power Brakes

Not only ideal for lady drivers, power assisted brakes help everyone to brake easier - a wonderful safety factor. Ask your Rootes man all about power brakes.
Among the things he'll tell you is the pleasant fact that power brakes make achieving safety a far simpler job. Because with power assisted brakes it's far easier for you to push down that little brake pedal. And that could mean, in an emergency, a lot of lives saved. Including yours! See your Rootes man today.

  1. Power booster for all 'Imp' range, where not fitted as standard.
Rootes Accessories 1968 - voltmeter, oil pressure, water temperature gauges; rev counter  


Every motorist likes to get the most from his car; likes to know - on the dashboard in front of him - what's going on under the bonnet. Probably you, too, like to see a neat row of instruments in front of you. Smart gauges that tell you, at-a-glance, how many 'revs' your engine is doing. Whether your oil's at the right pressure. Your water's at the right temperature. Your battery is charging. Even what time of day it is! Rootes have an excellent set of gauges that can be added to give you that extra touch of motoring enjoyment. It's easy; come in and see your local Rootes Dealer.

  1. Oil-pressure gauge and ammeter. Hunter/ Minx only.
  2. Voltmeter, oil pressure, water temperature gauge on 'Imps' not fitted as standard.
  3. Oil pressure, ammeter gauge, 'Gazelle' only,
  4. Rev. counter. 'Imp' range only.
  5. Circular electric clock, 'Imp' range. 'Gazelle' and 'Vogue'.
  6. Square electric clock. Hunter/ Minx only.



Rootes Accessories 1968 - seat covers, plaid  

Seat covers

Smartness and comfort of upholstery... the pride and joy of the Rootes owner... here, is where stretch and tailored seat covers are so important, why they are so rightly popular. Not only do they protect the upholstery and keep it in its original pristine glory - adding extra value to your car when it comes to re-sale - but seat covers add extra comfort, warmth, attractiveness of pattern and colour to the Rootes car you own. Extra style, smartness too.

See the wonderfully different colours and patterns of these tailored seat covers. And they are 'priced' to suit your pocket. Slip on your existing upholstery in a flash. And they are very easy to clean. See your Rootes Dealer for all the details. Right away!

Stretch covers available for all Rootes cars.

Some of the range available.

Rootes Accessories 1968 - head rest  

Hint of luxury

The luxury touch! The extras that add that regal feel... that make your Rootes model a truly rich and luxurious way to travel anywhere. Rootes Dealers have a whole range of luxury touches to add sumptuous comfort and pleasure to your present Rootes motoring. You've already got a great motor car. Why not make it greater - with some of the luxury touches that Rootes produce for your pleasure? Take a look here. Better still, drop in at your Rootes Dealer and take a closer look. Try them for yourself. You deserve this kind of luxury motoring!

  1. Adjustable front head rest; all models.
  2. Rear head rest; all models except 'Imp' range.
  3. Passengers grab handle; all models except 'Imp'range.
  4. Gear lever gaiter; all models except 'Imp' range.
  5. Cigar lighter; all cars.
Rootes Accessories 1968 - protection against damage; sill protection; boot lid chrome strips; spare wheel cover  

Protect your car

Even the best-made cars inadvertently get kicked and knocked, as people get in and out... in ordinary, everyday use. Protect your Rootes car, in the places where extra protection pays. It will pay you good dividends in a car that stays smarter - longer - and a car that sells for a much better price later on. Protect your car easily and inexpensively. See your Rootes Dealer for practical help now.

  1. Door sill embellisher - all 'Imp' range.
  2. Rear boot lid chrome strips-all 'Imps' with opening rear window,
  3. Door kickplate. All models except 'Imp' range.
  4. Mud flap; all cars.
  5. No-draught vent; all cars not fitted as standard.
  6. Spare wheel cover. All 'Imp' range.


Fitting rear mudflaps

Rootes Accessories 1968 - Roof rack; Tow bar  

Roof rack

Holidays ahoy! When the get-away-from-it-all time comes round, a roof rack is the one vital item to have handy. Essential for carrying the extra cases - the paraphernalia that seems to be inevitable (especially with a family) at holiday time. Rootes Dealers to the rescue!

  1. Roof rack adjustable to fit all Rootes cars.


Rootes Roofrack


Tow bars

Own a caravan, boat or trailer? A Rootes car is just the job to do the pulling - particularly if you have the right kind of tow bar, engineered for the Rootes range of cars. Strong, streamlined, easy to hook up. See your Rootes Dealer.

  1. Tow bars to fit all Rootes models.


Rootes Accessories 1968 - Tool kit; Battery charger;  

Also available

There are a whole host of useful items you need around you as a Rootes motorist . .. to help keep your car healthy and in constant good trim . .. shining , gleaming and safe. From tools to polishes. tool, kits to battery chargers. your local Rootes Dealer has 8/1 the extras , the accessories you need to make your motoring enjoyable. See him . Today!

  1. Permanently fitted battery charger; all Rootes cars.
  2. Rubber buffer; fits on door edge; all models.
  3. Tool kit, for all cars.
  4. Fire extinguisher; all cars.
  5. Polishes and upholstery cleaner specially
    made for Rootes. Also 8 oz and 16 oz
    Aerosol W.D.40 Lubricants.
mm  Issued by Parts Division,
Rootes Motors Ltd., P.O. Box 260,
Coventry Road, Birmingham,



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