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The 1-page leaflet that I saw has prices (both the price in component form and price for the sunroof) crossed out with a pen and new prices added with a type writer. Also the delivery period is added with a type writer.

There is a printed sticker over the old address, except that it does not cover the word Essex, which has been crossed out with a pen.
Old address:
West End Works, Witham, Essex
Tel. Witham 2143

Ginetta G15

Ginetta luxury sports coupe

Ginetta G15 leaflet photo

Delivery: Approx. 17 weeks

Roadability. The chassis has been designed by the same Ginetta team responsible for the very successful racing cars, and therefore, the handling is of competition standard enabling high average speeds to be maintained due to the ultra-safe cornering capability of the car and the complete absence of roll. Independent suspension to all four wheels provides comfort and ensures stability.

Economy. The G.15 has a performance/economy ratio which must be one of the most efficient of any car manufactured. Fuel costs are approximately a third lower for comparable performance.

Performance. Over 100 mph is obtained in top gear from the Sunbeam Sport Engine, which is fitted as standard, with 88 mph in third gear and 56 mph in second gear. The smooth aerodynamic bodywork and small frontal area, together with the excellent power/weight ratio provide sparkling performance.


Tubular steel chassis
Non-corrodible bodywork
Rack and pinion steering
Powerful front disc brakes
Independent suspension to all four wheels
Wishbone front suspension
Collapsible steering column
Laminated screen
Competition leather/alloy steering wheel
Matching speedometer and tachometer
Aluminium alloy engine
Diaphragm clutch
Twin Stromberg carburettors
Overhead camshaft
Competition air filters
2-speed wipers
Four branch exhaust manifold
Oil cooler

  Interior Ginetta G15

Driving and Safety. Seats are designed by Ginetta and a 'Grand Prix' driving position is adopted for maximum comfort and control. Driver's seat is adjustable. Ample space is provided for driver and passenger, with an area behind the seats for luggage. The rear mounted engine eliminates the need for propshaft tunnel and therefore increases the effective width. The strong tubular steel chassis protects driver and passenger, and the special steering column fitted, is of the collapsible type. Safety laminated screens are fitted front and rear.

Engine 875 cc Sunbeam Sport Engine. OHC developing 55 bhp at 6100 rpm
Gearbox all synchromesh, four forward speeds and reverse
Suspension independent front and rear
Steering rack and pinion
Brakes front disc, rear drum
Tyres 520 x 13
Colours Ginetta red, Moonstone white, BRG and Monaco blue
Dimensions wheelbase: 6ft. 10in., track: front 4ft. 1in., track : rear 4ft. ¾in ., overall length: 12ft. ½in., width: 4ft. 9in., height: 3ft. 8½in., ground clearance: 6in., weight : 11761bs. dry.
Performance 100 mph. Consumption approx. 50 mpg, 0-50mph 8.6 sec.
PRICE: £899:00 in component form    £929.00


Heater: £16.50,
Seatbelts: £10.50,
Special colours: £7.50,
Cast Alloy wheels: £35.00 set,
Dunlop S.P.68 radial tyres: £10.00,
Sunshine roof: £85.00. £37.50

TERMS £100 deposit with order, balance when ready for collection.
Delivery can be arranged. Carriage charges extra.

HIRE PURCHASE Terms can be arranged.
The right to change prices and specifications without notice is reserved.



Telephone: Sudbury 4455 and 4456

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