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Super Imp GYU 191C

    Super Imp built for the wife of one of the Rootes directors
Linwood factory workers used Sceptre headlamp bezels

Hillman Super Imp with Chassis No. B44/2/002107HSC was completed in 1965.
Apparently, it was originally built for the wife of one of Rootes' directors.
It had black paintwork, red interior, sun roof, unmodified engine, whitewall tyres. Also it left the factory with chrome headlamps bezels from a Humber Sceptre. Perhaps it was the first Imp with double headlamps!

The lady did not keep it long. Neither did the second owner Robert Mills (at the RAC), although he did enjoy it.

B44 2 002107 HSC
B44 2 - Hillman Super Imp [pre-Chrysler]
002107 - Super Imp no. 2007 ?
H - home market
S - saloon
C - ??
Chassis Numbers

The third owner was Mike Goodwin, who bought it for GBP 440 on the 10 Jan. 1967 from Dagenham Motors in Alperton, England.

The history of the car was confused as it had a change of numbers. When Mr. Mills owned it, the Imp had a completely different set. The original UK registration was RMT something i.e. Rootes Motors.

Mr. Goodwin enjoyed the use of it for many years. He took it to Switzerland, Spain and France. He relates that it was prone to overheating in the hot weather of Spain.
At last it became so rusty and unreliable that eventually it was taken away to be broken up.

Registration GYU 191C
The original office for this letter combination is London C.C.
This registration was issued in 0 as a release
(ALN 650H, one of the Works Imps, also originated from London C.C.)
RMT - The original office for this letter combination is Middlesex C.C.

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