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Singer Chamois Spring Special

Singer Motors Ltd. (Chrysler, Rootes)


6th March, 1967

Dear Sir,

Publicise your "Spring Specials" as the spearhead
of your Singer Chamois Campaign

Further to the Sales Division's letter on the availability of the Chamois Saloon in Gold and Silver metallic colours as "Spring Specials", the attached portfolio sets out the guide-lines for your Spring Campaign on the 1967 Singer Chamois models.

This is a golden opportunity to build Chamois sales to a new high level - with the incentive of the Special Spring Offer, and the wide use of Chamois publicity: local advertising, Showroon display, direct mail, and screen advertising.

The following points are given in amplification of the Basic Plan outlined in the portfolio:

"Spring Spedial" cars:
Each one has a rear window sticker - "This is a Spring Special!" - to be affixed to the Showroom models, demonstrators, and by agreement, to customer's cars. These stickers will attract attention!
Showroom display:
Use the campaign window streamer, "Ask for details of the Spring Special Chamois". This enables Dealers to dto their Gold and Silver models, or to prepare their own "special" cars - as a campaign leader. A 40 x 30 in. Showroom poster is also being provided.
Press advertising:
Lay-outs are enclosed of steroes for local use. Order from Clark & Perry.
Direct mail:
A specimen direct mail letter is enclosed, incoporating the Special Spring Offer. Order quantities from The Wellington Press.
Screen advertising:
You are reminded that 15-second cinema filmlets are avaliable on the Chamois Saloon (though this is not linked with the Spring Specials) and the Singer Vogue. Take advantage of screen advertising, which is moderate in cost. Order filmlets from advertising Films Division, Rank Organisation.
Editioral publicity:
A Press release is enclosed to help you gain editorial coverage in your local papers. Get maximum publicity for the Special Spring Offer!

This then is the detailed plan. Now it is up to you to put your local arrangements into top gear, and to start your Chamois promotion on Monday, 20th March, immediately prior to the Easter holiday, and to carry it through with enthusiasm and vigour into the peak selling months of April and May.

Go NOW for yout Spring Special campaign, and get those Extra Chamois sales.

Yours faithfully,

W. Elsey
Advertising & Sales Promotion,
Rootes Group



This letter has been sent to all Singer Main, Area and Retail Dealers, and Stocking Traders.





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