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from Modern Motoring and Travel 1963 May

p.1 SKF, the Skefko Ball Bearing Co. Ltd.
SKF has supplied all the ball and taper roller bearings for this revolutinary new Hillman model.
p.6 H.R. Clayton Ltd.
Clayton House
11 Grape Street
London WC2
Temple Bar 2325
Industrial photography
p.7 Bristol Tool and Gauge Co. Ltd.
Church Road
Low pressure dies and machines specially designed to produce the aluminium crankcase casting used in the new Hillman Imp. This machine to produce the aluminium crankcase casting together with special indexing equipment and tooling set ups for machining clutch housings and assemblies were specially designed and manufactured for the new Imp by Bristol Tool and Gauge.
p.8 E.P., Engineering Productions Ltd.
For steering safety Rootes choose Rack & Pinion steering gear designed and developed by E.P.
p.9 Laycock Engineering Ltd.
Automotive Division
Sheffield 8
Laycock diaphragm spring clutch
Chosen for the Hillman Imp.
An old-fashioned clutch was not good enough for the brilliant new car and so naturally the Laycock clutch with its patented diaphragm spring operation was chosen to give the driver all these advantages:
  • Lowe pedal pressures - much lower. Think of what this means in reduced driver fatique.
  • Smooth operation - silky smooth. Absolutely precise take up of the drive
  • Full performance - always. With old-fashioned coil spring clutches there is a progressive falling off in performance (torque capacity). The Laycock D.S. clutch maintains full performance - always.
  • Fewer working parts - only six in fact. All this means better driving, longer clutch life and lower maintenance costs.
p.10 Brown & Ward (Tools) Ltd.
Leamore Lane
Contributing to the production of the brilliant new Imp, our long association with the Rootes Group has been continued by the supply of Brown & Ward single spindle automatic bar machines and magazine bar feeds at the Linwood factory.
p.12 Small & Parkes Ltd.
Hendham Vale
Manchester 9
We are beating the drum for these successful models for which Don friction materials have been approved as original equipment
p.13 Wickman machine tool sales Ltd.
Banner Lane
Honing cylinder blocks for the new Hillman Imp on Nagel Transfer Machines - one of many hundreds of automobile manufacturing operations produced on equipment supplied by Wickman.
p.14 Wingard Ltd.
You'll see clearly when driving the Hillman Imp that is fitted with the Wingard 'safety'plastic interior mirror and windscreen washer
p.14 Malleable Ltd. proud to be suppliers of Blackheart and Pearlitic Malleable iron castings to Rootes (Scotland) Ltd. for their new Hillman Imp.
p.15 British Aluminium Co. Ltd.
proud to be associated with this pioneering achievement of the Rootes Group and to be suppliers of aluminium ingot for the Rootes die-casting plant. To the new Linwood plant comes aluminium smelted at the British Aluminium factory at Lochaber.
p.32 Thomas Ryder & son Ltd.
Turner Bridge Works
Ryder are major suppliers of automatic machine tools to the Rootes Group, and Ryder Verticalautos play an important part in the production of the new Hillman Imp.
Here is no. 10 Verticalauto on production at Rootes'factory for the machining of Imp brake drums.
p.34 Smiths Motor Accessory Division
London N.W.2
The new Hillman Imp will give many people a great deal of motoring pleasure, often enhanced by Smiths Radiomobile car radio (recommended as an optional extra). The KLG sparking plugs are from Smiths; so are the dashboard instruments. The accurate information they provide contributes equally to safe driving and to proper maintenance. They are worth looking at.
p.35 Lancashire Dynamo Electronic products Ltd.
proud to be associated with the production of the outstanding new Hillman Imp. Illustrated is the LDEP equipment used to test the gearbox and rear assembly of the new Imp.
p.36 Pressed Steel Company Ltd.
Head office: Cowley, Oxford
Factories: Cowley, Oxford; Theale, Berkshire; Paisley, Scotland; Swindon, Wiltshire
New Hillman Imp : body shell painted and trimmed by Pressed Steel Company
p.46 Woodhead-Monroe Ltd.
New Hillman Imp : shock absorbers exclusively by Woodhead-Monroe
p.48 Castrol Motor Oil For the New Hillman Imp : always ask for Castrol by name
p.51 AC
Automobile Components
AC air filters - Chosen to protect the exciting new Hillman Imp. AC_Delco congratulate the Rootes Group on the introduction of this exciting new car.
AC Air Filters and many other AC_Delco quality products are fitted as original equipment to the Hillman Imp.
p.52 Coventry Radiator & Presswork Co. Ltd.
Canley Works
Pressings CovRad for the new Hillman Imp are supplied by Coventry Radiator
p.54 B.R.D. Co. Ltd.
100% of the rear axle half shafts for Britain's most modern car are supplied by Britain's most modern manufacturers of universal joints. For the new Hillman Imp Rootes chose BRD.
p.55 Girling Ltd.
Kings Road
Birmingham 11
To stop safely, the Hillman Imp is fitted with a Girling braking system.
p.56 Snow & Co. Ltd.
Machine Tool makers
Stanley Street
Sheffield 3
proud to be associated with the production of the new Hillman Imp. For the manufacture of components for their sensational new Hillman Imp, the Rootes Group use the Snow machines illustrated. This is the latest endorsement by the British motor trade of the speed, accuracy and reliability of Snow surface grinders.
p.60 Alcan (U.K.) Ltd.
London Sales office
Aluminium Canada House
30 Berkeley Square
London W1
For aluminium ingot and alloys.
Casting for this new engine are produced by Rootes in their own die-casting plant. In supplying much of the metal, we add impetus to modern motoring in terms of economy as well as fine performance.
p.62 Garringtons Ltd.
Bromsgrove & Darlaston
happy to have supplied the forged components for this outstanding car
p.68-69 Ass. Alfing-Kessler Ltd.
63a Alderley Road
Congratulations to the Rootes Group on the outstanding addition to their range of models. We are proud to have been entrusted with the manufacture of the special purpose machine tools for the production of the cylinder head and transmission case.
p.70 Mulhead Engineering Co. Ltd.
sole selling agents:
Thomas Ryder & son Ltd.
Turner Bridge Works
Mulhead rotary automatics are widely used in the manufacture of the new Hillman Imp. High-speed machining of stub-axle carriers is carried out on this machine.
p.74 James Archdale & Co. Ltd.
Sole selling agents:
Alfred Herbert Ltd.
Archdale do it again! by the provision of numerous transfer, rotary & special purpose machines for the production of main engine & ancillary components for the Hillman Imp
p.82 Elgar
Machine tool Co. Ltd.
172-178 Victoria Road
London W3
Supplied by Elgar for the new Linwood plant: Droop & Rein FS 130gku Vertical Copy Milling machine - this machine has a copying capacity of 59" x 31½"; Schneider JOH 2 surface grinding machine


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