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One of the manners in which The Imp Club promotes the enjoyment and preservation of the Imp range and all Imp-powered vehicles, is through the publication of the club's monthly magazine


The club produces an award-winning magazine Impressions which is both good support (technical stuff; even the adverts are useful) and social. Every month is arrives right on time. These days it's in the capable hands of Nick Webb and Grahame Pearson.
It has some 30-40 pages (+ 3-4 pages members' adverts) every month in A5 size.

It has been said time and again that Impressions alone is already worth the membership fee.

Impressions (The Imp Club)
p/a Nick Webb, editor
22 Southview Court
Guilford Road
Surrey GU22 7RP
United Kingdom

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The club's first publication was in February 1981.
Magazine back issues can be obtained via the club's librarians: Simon Benoy and Roger Swift.

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