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The AGM: Annual General Meeting

The club's Annual General Meeting is usually held shortly after January 31st. (ref. Club Rules)
All members are invited, this event being the club's second most important event after the summer's National Day.
You can find out what makes your club tick, and air your views, too.

Any member with an item to add to the agenda should inform the Secretary.
Nominations for Committee posts can be made in writing to any Committee member, before the end of December, however: nominations may be accepted at the meeting - if the Committee feel such is the Club's interest.

Members are entitled to attend any Committee meeting, too.

2000 June 18 Sun Inn, Sun Street, Hitchin, Hertfordshire
1995 March 5 Eathorpe Park Hotel
Eathorpe, Warwickshire
1991 Apr 6 ?
1985 Nov 10 Eathorpe Park Hotelreport in Impressions 1985, Dec; full report in 1986, Jan.
1986 Nov 9 Eathorpe Park Hotel

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