Association of
Classic & Historic Motor Sports Clubs

The Imp Club has recently joined the Association of Classic & Historic Motor Sports Clubs (ACHMSC). This newly-formed association has been set up with the aims of promoting and developing classic motor sport, protecting mutual interests and improving communications between clubs.
The association also aims to act between clubs and the RACMSA (RAC Motor Sports Association) if problems are being experienced by clubs with any motor sport championship organisers. Some Imp Club members have experienced such problems in the past and this in itself was the main reason for the Imp Club to become involved. Being invited to the other member club's sporting events will be a welcome spin-off.
So, if any Imp Club member is experiencing any such difficulties, where Imps are being unfairly treated or excluded from a championship for any reason, then contact The Imp Club's chairman with the details, and he will table the Association at their next meeting.

The member clubs (May 1997) are

The Imp Club
The Imp Site