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The Imp Club has a comprehensive Spares Advisory Service for its members. In case you need technical or spares advice (and if you're a member), contact the Spares Co-ordinator: Rob Allan. Or (again: if you're a member) you can send your question (enclose an SAE) to 47 Mayfield Road, Grappenhall, Warington, Cheshire WA4 2NP, U.K. These days there is an Assistent Spare Advisor, as Mr. Allan is rather busy at the moment: G. Townsend. For address see Impressions (inside cover).
The message here is of course: Need help ? Join the club !
The Imp Club keeps spares in stock.

Clan Owners Club
Their Spares Scheme is open to Imp Club members, although spares can no longer be purchased at the Clan Owners Club's normal rates.
For a booklet listing all available spares and prices please send five 20p stamps (refundable on orders over £20) to the Clan Owners Club Spares Secretary:
Ray Wilks. 9 Faircroft Avenue, Walmley, Sutton Coldfield B76 8HQ

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